AN Clean & Dye Service


AN Clean & Dye Service

Give your Angela Nuran silk shoes a makeover! For gently worn shoes, specify a standard dye color from the options listed. For heavily soiled shoes, choose navy or black to cover the stains. If your shoes were previously dyed, choose a dye dark enough to obliterate the current color. See below for important details.



AN Clean & Dye Service

— spot clean silk upper using professional grade cleaning agents
— proprietary dye technique for excellent results
— suede soles brushed, insoles and toe beds cleaned
— heel lifts trimmed, minor surface abrasion trimmed, torn silk can’t be repaired
— brooches inspected for missing crystals

If ordering more than 1 dye, specify dye color for each pair during Checkout in Order Notes.

Color variance due to lighting variation is beyond anyone’s control.

We are not responsible for dye results on Angela Nuran shoes if they are dyed by anyone but us.
Dyed shoes are not waterproof.

Send shoes to:
Angela Nuran Co.
280 SE 28th Avenue
Pompano Beach FL 33062

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Black, Navy, Ruby, Mushroom, Nude, Silver, Gold, Match Swatch


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