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The History of Angela Nuran Shoes From Instructor to Designer

How does a wedding dance teacher become a bridal shoe designer? Which one do you think helps more women? If you said shoes, you’re right. I loved being a dance instructor, but when it became clear that women were desperate for dressy, comfortable shoes, the die was cast. They’d come for lessons in shoes they couldn’t dance in or had to take off because they hurt. I’d go to their weddings and dance for hours in ballroom shoes while brides and other women ran around barefoot because they couldn’t stand their shoes any longer. What a pity to be dressed to kill from the ankles up only to have killer shoes ruin the effect. Not to mention tripping on a dress that’s too long without your heels on. My calling went from dancing to making fancy footwear. Sound simple? Not so much. Here’s what happened.
Arthur & Ana, Cizcaya
Tripp & Jen, International Polo Club
Khan & Briana, The Addison
I was a typesetter/graphic artist who went country dancing for fun until I found the elegance of ballroom dancing to be more my style. Fred Astaire Dance Studio hired me, and it was while teaching people for weddings that I realized they needed focused training instead of normal dance lessons. So I’d choreograph first dances and coach my students for that special moment. After a year, I left FADS and had the time of my life teaching and performing in nightclubs, cruise ships, corporate events, private parties, TV and stage shows. Plus I launched A Dance To Remember, my company just for wedding dance lessons. I gave students a framed choreography script of their song lyrics and dance moves to help them remember and rehearse. It even had their photo and wedding date on it. Graphic art skills come in handy! Getting details about the bride’s attire before writing a routine prevented wardrobe complications. And girls had to bring their wedding shoes to dance class to see if they could dance in them.

Brides and Ballroom Shoes

The tail started to wag the dog in 2007. Dance students were buying existing ballroom dance shoes from me; my unintended shoe biz was growing. Women who heard about Angela’s shoes wanted to try them on, and not just brides. I wanted something fabulous to offer them. I believed women deserved better styling, better fit, and better quality than what they got in normal ballroom dance shoes. It took years of overcoming many obstacles before we achieved the Angela Nuran brand of couture special occasion shoes that combine the fashion and quality a bride wants with the comfort and fit a dancer needs. Shoes designed to be worthy to wear with fine wedding dresses and evening gowns, yet comfortable enough to wear for hours.

Angela Nuran Our Story

Angela Nuran

Paul Cosentino

Bridal salons began to carry the brand and I worked hard to enhance the collection. Designed switchable jeweled brooches that adjust shoe width and allow women to customize their shoes. Designed optional straps to make a shoe fit better or add just for panache. Got silk we can dye any color. Appliques, beading and other bespoke adornments. It became a very versatile shoe collection where nearly any woman can get what she needs. Two years from inception, the shoe business left no time for teaching dance.

The history of Angela Nuran Shoes wouldn’t be complete without expressing heartfelt gratitude to those who helped the company thrive, especially Ashley, Betty, Esther, Erik, Moises and Ki. My husband, Paul Cosentino, continues to help in more ways than I can say. His business expertise is great, but I must say his patience, sense of humor and winsome personality don’t hurt a bit. Thanks to all the gifted folks who played key roles in bringing the vision of Angela Nuran to life, and to the retailers who believe in and support our line.

Our Good Will Ambassadors

These little varmints are my fur kids. Except for Bentley, all are South Florida rescues. Paul found 5 week old Petey paralyzed in a tree, but thankfully he fully recovered. A neighbor gave us 1 day old Sammie whom we bottle fed and raised. Bentley (Persian Chinchilla Dollface Teacup) is our company superstar cat model and the love of my life. Dori was an outdoor feral who became an affectionate little lady after months of patient coaxing. I never planned on bunnies, but love them so much! We rescued Bun Bun in a shopping center parking lot. She’s a very smart, mischievous Dwarf Dutch. Dottie, a tiny, sweet English Spot / Hot Tot mix, was rescued from a condo parking lot. Franky, a Florida White, was rescued in an LA Fitness parking lot. Valentine and Billie Sue were rescued together via help of some kind folks on Nexdoor. We had each rabbit fixed when we got it. People dump them when they discover rabbits aren’t easy pets, mistakenly thinking they’ll be ok outside. Wrong! We believe a pet is a forever family member, not a toy to be discarded. We support Best Friends Animal Society and their mission to Save Them All.

Angela Nuran Astoria Style dyed a joyful yellow to match embroidered yellow blooms on Monique Lhuillier ballgown.