Wedding Shoes You Can Dance In

Jul 11, 2023Blog, Shoes

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes you can dance in, comfort and style are key. As a bride, you want to feel confident and at ease on your big day, and your choice of footwear plays a significant role in that. Angela Nuran, a former wedding dance teacher turned bridal shoe designer, understands this better than anyone. Her journey from the dance floor to the design studio has given her unique insights into what makes a shoe both beautiful and comfortable.

Wedding Shoes You Can Dance In

Drawing from her experience as a dancer, Angela has created a collection of comfortable wedding shoes that are not only stylish but also dance-floor friendly. So, what shoes are easiest to dance in? The answer lies in the design. Angela’s shoes feature adjustable brooches for width, optional straps for fit, and pillow top insoles for comfort, making them ideal for dancing.

When considering what shoes are acceptable for a wedding, it’s important to balance tradition with personal comfort and style. Angela’s shoes, with their classic designs and customizable features, fit the bill perfectly. But how do you know what shoes to wear with your wedding dress? Angela suggests considering the style and length of your dress, as well as your own comfort level. For brides who prefer not to wear heels, Angela’s collection includes options with lower heel heights that are just as elegant.

Special Occasion Shoes

Beyond weddings, Angela Nuran’s shoes are perfect for a variety of special occasions. Whether you’re attending a black-tie event, a formal dinner, or even another wedding as a guest, these shoes will ensure you look and feel your best.

So, what shoes should you wear to an evening event? While the specific style may depend on the event and your outfit, a pair of Angela’s shoes, with their blend of elegance and comfort, are a safe bet. And yes, you can wear sandals to a formal event, especially if they’re as stylish and comfortable as Angela’s designs.

The importance of ladies’ shoes cannot be overstated. They can make or break an outfit, and more importantly, they can significantly impact your comfort. With Angela’s shoes, you don’t have to compromise on either. And if you’re wondering whether you can wear closed-toe shoes with a gown, the answer is a resounding yes. Angela’s collection includes a variety of closed-toe options that are perfect for pairing with gowns.


In conclusion, finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes you can dance in doesn’t have to be a challenge. With Angela Nuran’s collection, you can find shoes that are not only stylish and suitable for a variety of occasions but also incredibly comfortable. Whether you’re a bride preparing for your big day or simply attending a special event, Angela’s shoes will ensure you can dance the night away in comfort and style.

Remember, the right pair of shoes can transform your experience, from a night of discomfort and frequent shoe changes to a night of dancing, laughter, and unforgettable memories. Choose Angela Nuran for your wedding and special occasion shoes, and experience the difference for yourself.


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