The Top 5 Ways to Serve Eggnog

Nov 25, 2023Blog, How To

At Angela Nuran Shoes, we’re usually all about stepping into elegance with the perfect pair of heels, but today, we’re taking a detour from the dance floor to the dining room. Let’s talk about the real pressing matters of the holiday season: the top 5 ways to serve Eggnog. Yes, you heard us right! We’re swapping stilettos for stirrers and pumps for punch bowls to bring you the creamiest, dreamiest eggnog concoctions. So, kick off your shoes (preferably Angela Nuran ones), cozy up by the fire, and let’s dive into a world where the eggnog flows as smoothly as our satin straps.

  1. Chilled and Classic

There’s something about a simple glass of chilled eggnog that embodies the holiday spirit. It’s the most traditional method of enjoying this creamy delight. Serving it cold enhances its thick, velvety texture, making it the perfect after-dinner treat to sip slowly and savor. Pour it straight from the fridge into a festive glass and, if you like, grate a little fresh nutmeg on top for an extra hint of holiday spice.

  1. Eggnog Latte for Cozy Mornings

Why wait for your next coffee shop run to indulge in a seasonal specialty when you can create an eggnog latte right in your own kitchen? Substitute milk with eggnog in your latte recipe for a rich and aromatic holiday twist to your morning coffee. It’s a smart way to use up any leftover eggnog and infuse your day with a little extra cheer. Top it off with a sprinkle of cinnamon and enjoy a frothy start to your day.

  1. A Toast with Bourbon Eggnog

Eggnog and bourbon are a match made in holiday heaven. This combination elevates the creamy beverage to an adult-friendly drink that’s perfect for holiday gatherings. Mix eggnog with a shot of bourbon, and serve in a punch bowl or elegant glasses for a festive cocktail that guests will love. The smoky notes of the bourbon complement the sweetness of the eggnog for a perfectly balanced sip.

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    1. Warmed to Perfection

    While eggnog is traditionally served cold, warming it up can turn it into a comforting beverage that’s especially welcoming on a chilly evening. Heat your eggnog gently on the stove, stirring constantly to ensure it doesn’t curdle. Once warm, pour it into mugs and add a shot of rum, a dollop of whipped cream, and a dusting of cinnamon and nutmeg. It’s like a holiday hug in a cup!

    1. Baked into Treats

    Not only is eggnog a delightful drink, but it’s also a versatile ingredient that can add holiday flavor to baked goods. Consider making eggnog breakfast bread pudding or eggnog doughnut muffins. You can even swirl it into pumpkin muffins for an eggnog cream cheese surprise. Baking with eggnog infuses your treats with its unique taste and makes for an inventive way to enjoy this seasonal favorite.

    Celebrate with Eggnog

    No matter how you choose to serve it, eggnog remains a beloved holiday tradition. Each of these top ways to serve eggnog invites you to celebrate the season with a touch of creativity and a lot of flavors. So, this year, as you gather around the table or cozy up by the fire, bring out the eggnog and enjoy it in all its forms.

    Remember, the best part about these festive drinks and dishes is not just the taste but the memories made while sharing them with loved ones. Whether it’s a quiet morning with an eggnog latte in hand or a lively evening toasting with bourbon eggnog, these moments are the essence of the holiday season.

    So, pour yourself a glass, raise a toast to the festivities, and savor the rich, creamy goodness of eggnog. Let it be the golden thread that weaves through your holiday celebrations, from the first chilly nights of the season to the joyous new beginnings of the New Year.

    Happy Holidays and Happy Sipping!

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