The Perfect Pairing: Angela Nuran Shoes at Elizabeth Johns Bridal Couture

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For brides seeking the perfect blend of elegance and comfort, Angela Nuran’s Shoes, Our Shoes collection, are a dream come true. Our exquisite Olivia style, are currently available at select boutiques, including Elizabeth Johns Bridal Couture in Morristown, NJ, and Ardmore, PA, and James Ciccotti.

The Essence of Elizabeth Johns Bridal Couture

Elizabeth Johns Bridal Couture, known for its beautiful gowns and exceptional service, offers a handpicked collection of top designers. This esteemed boutique is a proud retailer of Angela Nuran’s “Olivia” style, providing brides with a unique opportunity to complete their bridal look.

James Ciccotti: Another Prestigious Home for “Olivia”

James Ciccotti Bridal Shoes and Accessories, located in the heart of Chicago, is another prestigious destination where brides can find Angela Nuran’s beloved “Olivia” style. Known for their exquisite collection of bridal shoes and accessories, James Ciccotti offers a personalized shopping experience, ensuring that every bride finds the perfect match for her special day. Their selection, which includes renowned brands like Angela Nuran and Badgley Mischka, caters to a variety of tastes and preferences, making it a favored choice for brides seeking elegance and quality. At James Ciccotti, the “Olivia” style is not just a product; it’s a part of a carefully curated collection that promises both beauty and comfort for the discerning bride.Angela Nuran Shoes: Unmatched Comfort and Style

Angela Nuran Shoes: Unmatched Comfort and Style

Angela Nuran’s shoes, celebrated for their dance-inspired comfort and high-fashion elegance, are the perfect match for any bridal gown. The “Olivia” style, in particular, is a testament to this perfect blend, making it a favorite among brides. Don’t miss out on our exclusive On Sale collection for special deals.

Exclusive Availability of “Olivia” at Select Boutiques

The “Olivia” style, while not sold out everywhere, is available at select boutiques like Elizabeth Johns Bridal Couture and James Ciccotti. These locations offer an exclusive opportunity for brides to purchase these sought-after shoes.

Why Choose These Boutiques for Angela Nuran Shoes

  • Availability of ‘Olivia’: Both Elizabeth Johns Bridal Couture and James Ciccotti offer the “Olivia” style, providing options for brides in different locations.
  • Elegant Pairings: The shoes’ elegant designs complement the exquisite gowns at these boutiques, offering a complete bridal look.
  • Customization Options: Customize your Angela Nuran shoes to match your unique style and gown.
  • Quality and Craftsmanship: Known for exceptional quality, Angela Nuran Shoes are a perfect match for the elegant selections at these boutiques.

Final Thoughts

For brides looking for Angela Nuran’s “Olivia” style, Elizabeth Johns Bridal Couture and James Ciccotti are your go-to destinations. Visit these boutiques to find these elegant shoes, along with a curated selection of bridal gowns and accessories.


Explore the exclusive “Olivia” style from Angela Nuran Shoes at Elizabeth Johns Bridal Couture and James Ciccotti. Embrace the perfect blend of luxury and comfort for your special day. Book your appointment today and step into a world where elegance meets exclusivity.


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Angela Nuran Astoria Style dyed a joyful yellow to match embroidered yellow blooms on Monique Lhuillier ballgown.