Shoelutions To Footwear Woes

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Shoelutions To Footwear Woes

I try to do things in my business to help women with shoe problems. Shoelutions to footwear woes. In fact, the Angela Nuran brand arose from the vision to make better shoes for women. But today’s blog isn’t about my shoes. It’s about helping you with shoes you already have. I want to tell you about useful little things known by several names, but let’s just call them Heel Savers. As we all know, a lot of weddings and celebrations have been drastically down-sized, postponed, or canceled because of covid-19. The ones that are happening often occur outdoors to reduce spreading the virus. (Folks, please wear masks. Let’s help each other!) I’ve seen so many incredibly beautiful outdoor venues in photos! Haven’t you? Exotic beaches. Romantic rustic mountains. Glorious gardens or parks with flowers in full bloom. When wearing beautiful clothes, most women also want to wear beautiful shoes, so this is where the heel savers come in.

Heels don’t like grass. Or dirt, sand, barn floors covered in hay, brick pavers, wooden slat decks, gravel, or basically any surface that isn’t smooth and even. You wouldn’t believe how many damaged, torn, stained shoes I’ve seen over the years. We’re rather adept at sprucing up spoiled shoes with a little TLC and dye, but frankly most or all the damage could have been avoided if the women had worn these wonderful (and very inexpensive) Heel Savers.

Automn colors and text announcing 30% off.
If you’re preparing for an outdoor wedding, anniversary or other event and you already have shoes you’d like to wear, save yourself some aggravation and save your shoes by getting a pair of the correct size Heel Savers. We sell them on The Outlet Shop, and they’re on sale through December. Pretty much everything is on sale through December so don’t be shy about looking at other stuff after you’ve put Heel Savers in your cart. The discount will show up when you’re checking out. There are different shapes and versions of Heel Savers, including some really sweet heart shaped ones. These things simply slide onto your heel, so you can slip them off when you don’t need them anymore. They’re reusable, too. Again, just make sure you order the size that will fit your specific heels.

If you want some Heel Savers for Angela Nuran shoes, the listing tells you which ones to get for our different heel sizes. Wide heels and wedges are not as problematic outdoors, but skinny stilettos sink straight down into grass, dirt or sand without Heel Savers!

Hope this information about Heel Savers comes in handy for you. Stay well and be extra careful as the holidays are now upon us.

Heel Savors attatch the bottom of your heals so you heels don't sink in
Automn colors and text announcing 30% off.
A girl sent us her Badgley Mishkas to clean and dye, and wow, they turned out well. The extra small Heel Saver would fit these shoes.


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