Vintage Camo | 7

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Vintage Camo
size 7

One-of-a-kind silk shoes for the gal who loves to walk on the wild side and loves the great outdoors! Vintage has always been a best seller because it’s so comfortable. Now you’ll feel and look like there’s nothing on your feet in hand dyed camouflage shoes! OK, so we’re having a bit of fun with this description, but these size 7 shoes are exactly what a certain adventurous woman is looking for! Want a different brooch? Message us when you order and we’ll switch them out for you, no extra charge.

Style runs true to size.
• 58mm / 2.25” wide heel
• adjustable width
• switchable brooches
• quick hook ankle clasps

Find these qualities in all our luxurious handmade shoes:
• ultra padded comfort
• dyeable silk upper
• leather linings
• suede dancing soles

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