Savanna Gold Open Back | 7.5


Savanna Gold Glitter Open Back

This is a show-stopping, one-of-a-kind pair of gold glitter open back Savanna sandals. The shapely retro heel is ideal for dancing, and is wide enough for outdoors. This open cruzada strap design is incredibly stable; perfect fit; no gaps; no slipping heels because the straps adjust all over to custom fit your width, length and foot shape. The yellow gold Antique crystal brooch is included on this pair, but can be changed to another brooch of your choice.

Style runs true to size.

  • 60mm / 2.375” heel
    • adjustable width
    • switchable brooches
    • quick hook ankle clasps

Find these qualities in all our luxurious handmade shoes:

  • ultra padded comfort
    • leather linings
    • suede dancing soles

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