Monroe Style

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Monroe Style

With her detachable straps, Monroe is a triple threat – high stiletto heels, platform toe, and super sexy ankle strap that leaves much of the foot bare. Strapless, she portrays a seductive boudoir mule. With diamond like Contessa brooches at the toes, this bombshell sandal is a girl’s best friend!

Style runs slightly short. If unsure, order half size up.

• 108mm / 4.25” stiletto heel
• adjustable width
• switchable brooches
• detachable ankle straps
• quick hook ankle clasps

Find these qualities in all our luxurious handmade shoes:
• ultra padded comfort
• dyeable silk upper
• leather linings
• suede dancing soles

Specify options for Monroe at checkout:
Dyeing • Brooches


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