Cruzada Straps


Cruzada Straps

Before you order optional straps, read the description of the shoe style you want the straps for to verify they are compatible. Some shoes include multiple straps, so double check before you buy. If you’re ordering shoe dyeing, optional straps in your cart will be dyed same as your shoes unless otherwise noted. Ballet ribbons are not dyeable.

Optional strap orders don’t include ankle clasps, so if your shoes don’t come with a pair of ankle clasps, you’ll need to order ankle clasps. Remember all Angela Nuran ankle clasps are detachable and can be switched to different straps, or to other Angela Nuran styles.

T straps, ankle straps, cruzada straps and instep straps are proportioned for shoe sizes. SHORT fits sizes 5 to 6.5; MEDIUM fits sizes 7 to 8.5; LONG fits sizes 9 to 12. Ballet ribbons are 42” and ankle strap extenders are one size.

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