Beaded Rose Silk Face Mask


Beaded Rose Silk Face Mask

The same beautiful “beaded rose” sequin appliqués on our shoes look exquisite on this hand crafted triple layer silk face mask, making this an essential wedding accessory that no woman should be without right now. The flattering cut of this face mask is comfortable and attractive. For extra protection, a medical grade mask can be worn beneath it. Choose single rose or for a pretty profile from every angle, go for the double rose. We sourced the silk face mask from the Etsy seller referenced who makes the masks in assorted colors. Pictured is ivory silk mask with ivory beaded rose. We also have white beaded roses and black beaded roses that can be added to any color face mask sold on June’s Etsy shop. They’re lovely on bridesmaids, too!

Angela Nuran Astoria Style dyed a joyful yellow to match embroidered yellow blooms on Monique Lhuillier ballgown.


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