AN Shoe Cleaning Kit


If your Angela Nuran silk shoes picked up minor smudges, toe prints or some other light soil, possibly from gown fittings or dance practice, you can spiff them up with this DIY cleaning kit that even works on dyed silk. For moderate to heavy soil, like mud, grass, grease, or other stains that won’t come out, it’s better to send them in for our Clean & Dye Service. We do our best, but please note we can’t guarantee the professional silk cleaning fluid will work on what’s on your shoes. Watch the video to see what it does to shoes Angela is cleaning and use your own judgement. We also can’t guarantee what the cleaning fluid will do on brands other than our own. If you have questions, please contact us and we’ll do our best to advise you.

— choose 2 oz OR 16 oz bottle
— one cleaning brush
— one pair vinyl gloves
— cotton pads
— cotton swab

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