AN Dye Service


AN Dye Service

Angela Nuran silk shoes can be dyed any color but iridescents. Specify one of our standard dyes or send us a swatch to match. Digital images aren’t accurate so we can’t accept one for color match. AN Dye Service is for new shoes only. Worn shoes must utilize AN Clean & Dye Service.

Please choose your options carefully. Shoes cannot be un-dyed, though some previously dyed shoes can be re-dyed. Read description below for important details.

AN Dye Service cont…

  • If ordering more than 1 dye, specify dye color for each pair during Checkout in Order Notes.
  • If your swatch is iridescent, you *must* specify the single dominant color desired.
  • If your gown is multi layered, staple swatch layers together in same sequence as the gown.
  • Shoes will be dyed to complement the overall color unless specified otherwise.
  • Color variance due to lighting variation is beyond anyone’s control.

We are not responsible for dye results on Angela Nuran shoes if they are dyed by anyone but us.

Dyed shoes are not waterproof.

Send shoes to:
Angela Nuran Co.
2011 NW 56th St
Boca Raton FL 33496


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