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Simply beautiful, comfortable wedding shoes.

Only a dancer could design ultra comfortable wedding and evening shoes that double as dance shoes! A dancer’s soul … and sole … are in every pair. Angela Nuran exclusively designs bridal shoes in off white dyeable silk to transform into stunning special occasion shoes when dyed for an evening gown or dyed for the bride after her wedding. Our fit, functionality and couture comfort reign supreme over common shoes everyone else is wearing. You can dance all night on suede soles and pillow top padding! Women everywhere agree: don’t settle for less when nothing compares to Angela Nuran.


Angela Nuran gives you exactly what you need: stylish, comfortable shoes for a wedding or special occasion that you won’t want to take off. Find a heel height you know you can wear and heel shape that serves your needs. Our sandals let you get the brooch you like best. Every style gives you strap options. Dyeing, beading and adornments are available on everything we make. The beauty of our shoes goes far beyond their appearance. Their comfort will make you love them even more.


Your Angela Nuran Shoes can be as unique as you are. Customize your style for a different look or tailored fit using our assorted shoe accessories, like optional straps, ribbons and switchable brooches. Dress up a plain pump with bows, lace or beaded appliqués. Get a dyeable silk evening bag to match or problem-solving ankle strap extenders. By the way, we can do far more than what’s shown on our site.


Polish off your style from head to toe with exquisitely dyed silk shoes in any shade you need. We color match gowns for mother of the bride or groom. We lovingly tint bride’s shoes to beautifully blend with her wedding gown. We dye silk clutches for a chic ensemble. We dye wedding shoes after the nuptials to be worn again. And yes, if we bedazzle your shoes, they can be dyed later.


Let a retailer help you try on different Angela Nuran styles so you get the best style and size for your feet. Once you know how they feel, you’ll know your search for shoes is over. If you visit an Angela Nuran dealer, kindly award your valued business to them for giving you the personal service you deserve. If that’s not an option, our flagship boutique provides experienced fitting guidance over the phone so you can order with confidence.


It all started on a dance floor. Angela Nuran was a ballroom dancer and wedding dance choreographer who loved her work. While teaching people to dance for weddings, quinceañeras, anniversaries and other events, Angela discovered that women with no dance training didn’t know about dance shoes! She also saw that no high fashion danceable shoes existed nor anything bridal appropriate. So Angela created her own. Waltz into our story to read all about it.

Outlet Shop

Find sale shoes not carried by retailers in Angela Nuran’s Outlet Shop, including designer samples, discontinued styles, tiny flaws, and one-of-a-kinds, all pleasingly priced. Dazzling jewelry, sashes and hair bands, wedding accessories, or odds & ends to help with shoe issues (like heel savers so you can walk on grass at outdoor venues) may be just what you need. Bentley cordially invites you to shop!

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