Minimony at Angela Nuran’s

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Minimony at Angela Nuran’s

It was WONDERFUL!!! I’m talking about the minimony of our friends, Bonnie and Jim, at our house September 27, 2020. But wait! This is part 2, read part one here, Angela Nuran Is Hosting a Minimony!

Like many couples creatively marrying during a pandemic, the wedding was an intimate affair. Total headcount, 11 including Yours Truly who functioned as wedding planner, bridal consultant, florist, decorator, hostess, waitress, bartender, bus boy and clean up crew. Multi-tasking and the proverbial “wearing of many hats” reached a whole new level and I enjoyed every minute of it. OK, maybe not the clean up part so much, but even that wasn’t bad.

Prior to the Sunday wedding, Friday and Saturday involved a lot of hydrangeas. Bonnie and daughter Courtney brought over bucketloads of flowers and we made bouquets, buttonieres, arrangements for the ceremony and centerpieces. I got awesome florist bowls with wet foam inserts, a spool of 300 yards of tulle, and the cutest wedding theme koozies on Amazon. Making fluffy, flowiy tulle bows was an affordable, easy way to add bridal flair to the backyard. I used it everywhere! On the boatdock pilings, chairs, cake table, flower arrangements, and even on the bunny pasture fence, high enough out of rabbit reach so they couldn’t eat it.

One day was rehearsal, but I don’t remember which one. My best friend, Tim, was a lifesaver and did the photography. He scoped out pretty spots on our property and took pics using multiple cameras plus a drone. He made an incredible video of the day. One of the funnier moments was during the exchange of vows on our pooldeck which is on the Intracoastal Waterway. A boat slowed down, good naturedly yelling, “hey, a wedding …. DON’T DO IT” but we laughed and of course Bonnie and Jim did in fact tie the knot. My husband, Paul, was best man. Courtney was maid of honor. Bonnie’s son, Patrick, gave her away.

Bonnie borrowed my Monique Lhuillier short flared dress, accessorized with headpiece, earrings and sash by Laura Jayne. I gifted my friend Ingrid peep toe pumps (which I dyed black after the wedding so she can use them a lot more). The food was fantastic! Italian chicken and eggplant parmegan, served on our Lenox china which rarely sees the light of day. It was nice having this opportunity to use it. Various wines and beverages, coffee after dinner, and MY personal favorite … the wedding cake! Oh My Gosh. It was amazing. Chocolate cake, berry filling, buttercream frosting, from Florida’s favorite store, Publix. They make the best cakes! Paul and I got our 10 year anniversary cake from Publix. I embellished the cake topper by adding crystal eyes, a veil, and tiny silk Angela Nuran shoe bows for the bride and groom seahorses.

The afternoon and evening couldn’t have gone any better. We were grateful for the perfect weather and quieter than usual boat traffic. Dinner took place on the lanai overlooking the water. They had their first dance on the pooldeck. Toasts were given, cake was eaten, and beautiful memories were made to be forever cherished with the help of Tim’s beautiful images.

There’s no reason to put off your wedding. Small doesn’t minimize the beauty, joy and love. If anything, it draws everything closer. There’s no better time than now. And there’s no better time than now if you need shoes since everything is on sale till the end of this year!

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