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Many features of Angela Nuran Shoes can be done in the salon or at home by the consumer. Refer to our frequently asked questions and demo videos below. If you don’t see what you need, feel free to contact us for help. Keep in mind all our versatile options can be ordered after the shoes and clutches have been bought, or even after they’ve been worn. The original shoes can be given a whole new look. Keep extra straps and brooches on hand to transform your shoes to match different outfits.


How do I select the right style?
Each of our styles was designed to serve a need. If you never wear high heels, your wedding isn’t the day to start. The prime objective should be shoes comfortable enough to wear all day. Since weight transfers to the ball of foot in high heels, try platforms since they reduce the pitch. You’ll have the sexy high heel look with better comfort. Don’t forget, you must have your shoes for gown alterations. Stick with a shoe you can stand all day because if you switch to flats later, you’ll be tripping on your own dress. Though our shoes are more comfy than other brands, they’re not magic so choose the heel height that works best for you.
How do I order shoes?
Please contact any authorized dealer on our Retailers page. If there is no retailer in your area, ask your local salon to order for you, or order from one of our Flagship Retailers. Clearance shoes can be ordered directly from our Final Sale section or have your retailer order them for you.
Can I wear suede soles outside?
Yes, but if you step in water, suede soles absorb moisture. They should be fine when they dry. A soaked suede sole may peel back, but it’s a simple fix by a good cobbler or DIY with a good adhesive.
How do I get my shoes dyed?
If you don’t have your shoes or clutch yet, your retailer can include a swatch when they send us the order. If custom match isn’t required, choose from our standard colors. Our retailers have our color chart. If you have your shoes, send them to us with our Dye Request. Kindly note, we cannot color match from digital images.
How do I get my shoes glitzed or adorned?
Customization can be special ordered through your retailer. If you already have your shoes, send them to us with our Glitz Request.
How do I order accessories?
Brooches, ankle buckles, straps and clutches can be purchased from an authorized retailer, ordered from a Flagship Retailer or just email your request to us.
How do I clean shoes?
Download our Dye Request and select the option for cleaning only. If you want to attempt to clean them yourself, first contact us for guidance. The wrong cleaning products can ruin the silk.
How do I measure heels?
We measure heels at the highest elevation. Average heel height for all Angela Nuran styles are on the product details.

How Do I Measure Heels

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Have a question not covered here? Drop us a note on our Contact Us page and we’ll get right back to you.