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Angela Nuran Shoes FAQ and How To

Many features of Angela Nuran Shoes can be done in the salon or at home by the consumer. Refer to our frequently asked questions and demo videos below. If you don’t see what you need, feel free to contact us for help. Keep in mind all our versatile options can be ordered after the shoes and clutches have been bought, or even after they’ve been worn. The original shoes can be given a whole new look. Keep extra straps and brooches on hand to transform your shoes to match different outfits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select the right wedding shoe style?

  1. Let the goal of finding a pair of shoes comfortable enough to wear from start to finish drive your decisions.
  2. A shoe that does what you need outranks a fantasy shoe that you can’t wear so think this through carefully!
  3. Consider wider heels, wedges or flats if the affair is outdoors or on uneven terrain.
  4. If you love very high heels, get platforms which reduce the pitch of a stiletto heel thus feel more comfortable.
  5. Get shoes with supportive straps if you plan to dance the night away.
  6. Gowns are hemmed for shoe height so if you switch to flats later, your gown will become too long and you (and everybody else) will step on it.
  7. If the balls of your feet burn during your gown fitting, try to get lower heels. If they’ve already done the hem, try to switch to platforms.
  8. Though our shoes are more comfy than most other brands, they’re not magic. Have a pair of old faithful back up shoes, just in case.

How do I order or buy shoes?

1. The best plan is to have an Authorized Retailer help you try shoes on. If you’ve been working with one, please give them your order. If you experienced a problem there, please let us know how we can help.
2. If there isn’t a retailer near you, your local bridal salon can send us a purchase order for what you’d like.
3. Contact our knowledgeable Flagship Retailers to order by phone or online.
4. You can order from our website. Carefully read our Exchange Policy as we don’t accept returns due to the delicate nature of white silk shoes.
5. Final Sale Shoes can be ordered from The Outlet Shop or your retailer can order them for you.

Can I wear suede soles outside?

Yes, but if you step in water, suede soles absorb moisture. They should be fine when they dry. A soaked suede sole may peel back, but it’s a simple fix by a good cobbler or DIY with a good adhesive.

How do I get my shoes or clutch dyed?

1. The retailer you buy shoes from will send us a color swatch to match and we’ll ship the dyed shoes / clutch to the store.
2. If you don’t need to match color, look at our Dye Card or our Digital Dye Card at your retailer and they’ll advise your color choice. (See below)
3. If you already have your shoes or clutch, you can order our AN Dye Service by specifying a standard Angela Nuran color or include a swatch.
4. Normal turnaround time for dyed goods is within 2 weeks but rush orders are accommodated.

How do I get my wedding shoes glitzed or adorned?

Your retailer will specify your custom shoe decor when placing your order. If you already have your shoes, see our Customization and Accessories section of Our Shoes page or Contact us to arrange your desired customization.

How do I order shoe accessories?

1. Your retailer will specify your chosen shoe accessories when placing your order.
2. You can order accessories at any time by contacting your retailer, a Flagship Retailer or on the Accessories portion of Our Shoes Page. Contact us if you need more help.
3. If your shoes will be dyed, order clutches and optional straps in time for everything to be dyed together in the same batch.

How do I clean my shoes?

Heavily soiled silk shoes rarely can be restored to original condition, but can be transformed into lovely special occasion shoes if the light silk is too stained to clean. Please have reasonable expectations.

Head over to our AN Shoe Cleaning Service page. If stains won’t come out, we recommend dyeing them, and black covers pretty much everything except scrapes and rips. For torn heels, our glitter treatment or glitz tip conceals damage completely.

If you decide to have your shoes dyed, please visit our outlet shop and select one of our dye services AN Shoe Cleaning Kit & Services section.

How do I measure heels?

We measure heels at the highest elevation. Average heel height for all Angela Nuran styles are on the product details.

How Do I Measure Heels

Angela Nuran Exchange Policy

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How To

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