Unlike our accessories which you can add, remove or switch anytime, Angela Nuran Customization is permanent, but our accessories still work with customized shoes. We can match any color, add spectacular sparkle, inscribe words of love, or apply adornments to create a comfortable shoe that complements an ensemble. And after that first wearing, our shoes are designed to step up for a second act, or third … for as long as someone wants to wear them.

Dyeing and glitzing are done to in-stock goods promptly upon receipt of purchase order. Salon will be alerted of any delay in the rare case an item is temporarily out of stock. Inscribed shoes (made-to-order) take 8 to 12 weeks to be received, then additional customization (if ordered) can be done. All customized shoes are final sale. Please try shoes on to confirm size prior to ordering!

Tribeca custom lace

Angela Nuran Dye

Our off white natural silk shoes are perfect for most wedding dresses, but brides love how our dyeable bridal shoes match when dyed blush, ivory or other shades. Many brides send their worn shoes to be cleaned or dyed to wear again.

A huge part of our business is formal shoes. Moms, socialites, pageant queens, and others searching for fabulous shoes to match designer dresses find what they need with Angela Nuran. We can also redye light shoes a darker color to match another outfit for a different event.

Visit an Angela Nuran retailer to see our standard color choices, or send us a swatch to match. But please remember, these aren’t typical dyeable shoes. We have very specific dye techniques and can only guarantee dye quality if we do the dyeing. Please use our Dye Form.

Dye Advisory
We are exceptionally good at dyeing our own shoes, but please be advised:

Shoes and clutches are hand dyed. Realize hand work is an art form that will rarely be absolutely flawless.

Silk is a natural fiber that may absorb color with slight variations in tone.

Custom colors are mixed to match swatches as closely as possible. Realize identical match may not occur since our shoes are not the same fabric as the gown being matched.

Color variance occurs from changes in lighting, especially outdoor vs. indoor. Realize this is beyond anyone’s control. Unless told otherwise, we dye for indoor lighting.

Dyed shoes are not waterproof. Topical spray can repel water, but can’t entirely prevent dye bleed. Avoid stepping in water. If topical spray is requested, the shoes can never be redyed. Our ribbons are not dyeable. Visit a fabric or craft store to buy matching ribbon, cut 44 inch lengths and apply Fray Check or clear nail polish on the cut edges.

Stardust can be added to any dye order for a shimmery, sparkling finish. Unless told otherwise, Stardust is always added to our metallic colors: gold, silver, pewter and rose gold.


Each crystal is hand applied in our atelier to any shoe or accessory you choose. These are our specialty glitz designs. Email us to inquire about a unique design you have in mind. Shoes can be dyed after being glitzed … or glitzed after being dyed.


The same inscription appears in both shoes. If you want each shoe to say something different, there are two plate charges but it can be done.