Stream Weddings Are Here!

Apr 30, 2020

A lot of people have given up their hopes of getting married any time soon because they’ve decided to do the right thing by staying at home, or practicing social distancing if they must go out. Here’s the thing though … you don’t have to give up that wedding. Stream it! Yes, stream weddings are a thing! You don’t need a huge crowd; you just need a smartphone. It can literally be that easy. Your stream wedding can be big with Go Pros, video cameras, laptops and mics. You can make it truly elaborate for less than the cost of a more traditional wedding. And, have every wonderful moment captured in HD video and streamed live to all your friends and family.

Makenzie Johnsen and Ross Bassett streamed their wedding live on Instagram. Read the full article here on E! Online.

The great thing about stream weddings are that they’re new. There’s really no rules. Be as creative or uncreative as you want to be! Set that smartphone, laptop or Go Pro somewhere that can show you and partner as you say your vows and you’re good! You can make it happen! We’ve put together a page on our site, “Social Distance Weddings“” with all kinds of helpful info and thoughts on the topic. And, the more we learn about how others are doing it, the more we plan to share. When we designed that page a few weeks ago, we hadn’t even thought of simply going live on Instagram. How simple and wonderful is that? How about streaming live on Facebook? Check out the wonderful video below of how this family live streamed a wedding on Facebook. It’s fascinating, sweet and well worth the watch!

A “social distancing” wedding at my house | CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC | virus outbreak

The Moore The Merrier Vlogs

They’ve got more to this story. You can binge watch it all here:

The point to all of this is that it’s okay change things up. We tend have preconceived notions on how things are supposed to be. This COVID outbreak can be scary, and it will probably forever change the way we do things. But some of the changes don’t have to be a bad thing. As I write this (I’m not Angela, I’m her wonderful and talented web designer) I am reminded of the mid-nineties when the internet was this new thing, most of us didn’t have a PC, smartphones weren’t a thing, and cell phones were just starting to become normalized and something we all could afford. At that time, Yahoo was the main search engine. They also had a dating app. I used it, and soon loved it! Went on so many dates, had such a good time. Met a lot of great people. But, when I’d tell people that I met the person online through a dating app or though Yahoo Chat, they almost seemed to look down on me for it. Now it’s the norm. Just 10 years ago, I remember telling my parents about people I know on social media. They didn’t get it, didn’t think they were real. That everyone online was some predator out to get something. Now, they both have smartphones and I can’t pry them away from social media. They have friends from all over the world.

Times change and it’s what we do with that change that defines us. We got this. You got this. You can create something magical and memorable.

~ Angela’s wonderful & talented web designer ~
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