Clean and Dye Angela Nuran Shoes: A Makeover

Sep 22, 2020Blog

When a bride gets a pair of Angela Nuran shoes in our off white dyeable silk, they’re usually the perfect color for most wedding gowns. And since we’re fabulous at custom dyeing shoes to match gowns or outfits in any color, we get a lot of orders for mother of the bride, mother of the groom and grandmother shoes. But brides may not realize that we can transform worn wedding shoes into a pair of spiffy shoes to wear for other events. They don’t have to stay “wedding white” or ivory. We can dye them many other colors and do other customizations to really give the shoes a makeover with Angela Nuran Clean & Dye! Let me show you an example of what we can do with wedding shoes after you’ve worn them. Coincidentally we got 2 pairs of quite old shoes in this week for a shoe makeover. One was a pair of sandals and the other was a pair of pumps.

The first pair are from a bride getting married in April 2021. Alexandra is borrowing a pair of vintage Astoria sandals from a friend who bought them for her wedding and loved them. I don’t know when the first bride got married, but the Astoria sandals she sent us were made around 2011. I know this because in 2012 I changed the vamp cut, made Astoria brooches bigger, switched to a new silk, and older shoes have the first Angela Nuran logo, not our signature logo. Here’s Astoria Style in our current collection.

Worn old Astoria shoes in condition received.
Worn old Astoria shoes in condition received.
Worn old Astoria shoes after cleaning using Angela Nuran Shoe Cleaning Kit.
Worn old Astoria shoes after cleaning using Angela Nuran Shoe Cleaning Kit.

The shoes were received considerably worn, which hints that the first bride enjoyed wearing them. Alexandra and I discussed the best shoe makeover options for this pair of Astorias. Since silk shoes can’t be dyed a lighter color than they already are, she chose Silver with Stardust Shimmer since her wedding gown has silver sequins. I told her to look at our brooch collection to see if another one would look nice with her dress instead of the petite Astoria brooch that was on the shoes, and she loved our stunning Contessa brooches. View our Accessories page!

After the decisions for dye color and brooch were made, it was time for us to get busy. The shoes cleaned up nicely using our Angela Nuran Shoe Cleaning Kit. If these had been white silk instead of ivory, Alexandra could have worn them without dye, but you can’t dye ivory shoes white. You can only dye darker. And as you can see, the old, stained Astoria shoes turned out beautiful. We were lucky the stains came out and the silver stardust dye gave a shimmering finish to the ivory silk. Sparkling czs in the white gold Contessa brooches were the perfect accent to top off this successful shoe transformation. The pumps I mentioned also turned out picture perfect, but I’d boxed them up and shipped them before I thought to take photos to share with you. No worries, there will always be more and hopefully if you’re reading this, you’ll give us the chance to do a shoe makeover for you!

Worn old Astoria shoes after cleaning using Angela Nuran Shoe Cleaning Kit.

Worn old Astoria shoes after cleaning, then dyeing them silver stardust and installing Contessa brooches.


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