Angela Nuran Shoes Stair Step Sale!

Oct 14, 2020Blog, News, Outlet Shop, Sale, Shoes

Angela Nuran Shoes Stair Step Sale!

Remember how Cinderella lost a slipper on the stairs of Prince Charming’s castle? That stair step shoe led to the best fictional Happily Ever After ever! As they say, “one shoe can change your life.” In these final months of 2020, a year which literally has been stranger than fiction, when we all could use a dose of fairy tale joy, Angela Nuran’s Outlet Shop is waving a magic wand.

There are a lot of disappointed brides out there with canceled or postponed weddings due to covid-19. Yet in the face of this global pandemic, women and their families are finding creative ways to have weddings and other special events. Maybe not exactly as planned, but no less wonderful and special. The minimony at my home on September 27 was magical and I’ll blog about it next.

Flora and wedding shoes background in water colors and text announcing 20% off.

But let’s get back to fairy tale joy. Do you know what brings joy to nearly every woman on the planet? A SHOE SALE! Before covid, a clearance shoe sale at Nordstrom was as thrilling as free tickets to Hamilton. But now that staying home is the thing, shopping (and entertainment) is best done online. So Angela Nuran’s Outlet Shop is doing an online shoe sale! It’s our first sale ever and we want to make it fun and exciting for you!

It’s a Stair Step Sale. That means the percentage off steps up monthly til 2020’s done, starting with 20% off October! 30% off November! 40% off December for holiday gifting! Do you buy now? Or wait til November or December for greater savings? Just remember many listings on Angela Nuran’s Outlet Shop are the only one available so whoever steps up first to buy a one-of-a-kind gets it.

And just so our Salon Collection doesn’t feel like they weren’t invited to the ball, they’re 15% off through the end of the year. You can order here! Or if you’re buying from a store, they can specify 15% SALE on the purchase order they submit for you.


Angela Nuran’s Outlet Shop

October 15th – 31st 20% Off!
November 1st – 30th 30% Off!
December 1st – 31st 40% Off!


Our Salon Collection

October 15th – December 31st 15% Off!

Our Stair Step Sale will make sure you can get shoes, headpieces and jewelry at magical prices! It’s almost as if your fairy godmother stepped in to help. Bippity boppity boo! Time to find a shoe!

Angela Nuran Shoes on stairs with ocean background


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Angela Nuran Astoria Style dyed a joyful yellow to match embroidered yellow blooms on Monique Lhuillier ballgown.