Angela Nuran Accessories

Angela Nuran Shoes are known as extraordinarily comfortable wedding shoes that are also amazingly versatile! Because of our brand exclusive shoe accessories, our styles can be customized to create many different looks that will beautifully compliment your outfit or gown. Another invaluable benefit is the tailor fit that can be achieved with our adjustable switchable shoe brooches and optional shoe straps. And remember, we can customize far beyond what is pictured on this page, with Angela Nuran Dye Service, Beading and Adornments.
Accesories brooches face masks and straps with Bentley the cat

Angela Nuran Brooches

Unlike conventional shoe clips, Angela Nuran brooches actually are adjustable buckles that can tighten or widen our shoe vamps to fit you better. Since they’re switchable, you can order your favorite brooch on the Angela Nuran shoes you want. After the event, you can send us your shoes for dyeing and switch brooches to change the look, like black brooches on black shoes for understated elegance or every day wear.
Bentley Brooch Display

If you switch or adjust brooches yourself, make sure they’re fastened properly so the hook goes through the leather liner. Watch the video on our FAQ page if you need help.

Brooch Fastener


Our luxury collection.

Beaux Brooch
Orchid Brooch
Contessa Brooch
Droplet Brooch
Pearl Orchid Brooch


Our standard collection.

Antique Brooch
Nouveau Brooch
Marquis Brooch


Our discontinued collection.

Astoria Rose Gold Brooch
Antique Gold Brooch
Astoria Jet Brooch

Angela Nuran Straps

Straps for wedding shoes do double duty. Practically, they prevent shoes from slipping off your feet. Esthetically, they change a shoe’s look. Sexy ankle straps hold heels in place. Cruzada straps keep shoes very snugly on feet which dancers love. Instep straps stop a floppy pump. T-straps add retro flair to any brooch vamp style. Ankle strap extenders allow a short ankle strap to fasten. Ribbons can be used in place of cruzadas, ankle straps, or put on a sling to secure the back, and in all cases end with a romantic bow. Unless sewn in, all Angela Nuran straps for wedding shoes can be put on, taken off, and switched for another of our optional straps to give your shoes a fresh look..

Ankle Strap Extenders

Great news if you have shoes you can’t wear because the ankle straps are too short. Our ankle strap extenders are an easy, attractive, affordable way to make ankle straps longer and are a big hit with women everywhere! Choose buckle on extenders for normal shoes that have holes in the ankle straps. Choose hook on extenders for Angela Nuran shoes. PLEASE measure the width of your shoe straps first, so you order the correct width strap extenders! Assorted colors available. Contact us for specific color or pattern match.

Beaded Rose Silk Face Mask

Caring about others is a beautiful thing. By wearing a face mask, we protect those we love as well as ourselves. These three layer silk masks are beautifully tailored to fit your face and hold their shape. Adjustable elastic ear bands. Assorted colors available..

Dyeable Clutch by Benjamin Walk

We’re pleased to offer these lovely evening bags from our friends at Benjamin Walk to our customers so you can have a clutch dyed to match your Angela Nuran shoes. At this price point, there’s no reason not to treat yourself (or someone else) to a pretty little pocketbook to polish off your look for any special occasion.

AN Starletta Shoe Charms

AN Starletta Shoe Charms are an adorable stiletto anyone can wear! Miniature of our popular Starletta platform pumps and has our Antique style brooch with crystal center. Lobster claw clasp can be hooked onto just about anything, or wear it as a pendant. Get two and convert them into earrings. They make such cute gifts and come in an equally adorable tiny Angela Nuran shoe box. Give them to bridesmaids at the bachelorette party!

AN Dye Service and Shoe Cleaning Kit

Do your new silk shoes or clutch need to be a different color? Or have you worn them and they got a little dirty? In either case, here’s how to get the most out of your lovely shoes. With our expert in-house dye service, new shoes can be exactly the color you want. Worn shoes can be cleaned and dyed to wear again many times! If you like to DIY, our shoe cleaning kit is handy on light surface dirt, scuffs, toe prints and minor stains. Brides love it to touch up their shoes for pictures. If deep stains like tar, grass or mud don’t budge, let’s dye them. A great way to avoid heel damage is to wear optional Heel Protectors. Find them on our Outlet Shop.

Angela Nuran Astoria Style dyed a joyful yellow to match embroidered yellow blooms on Monique Lhuillier ballgown.