Another perk of Angela Nuran Shoes is our amazing versatility. Using our shoe accessories, each style can be customized to create many different looks. Even better, get a tailor fit with our adjustable brooches and optional straps. And what woman feels confident without her own handbag, even if just to hold her cellphone, lipstick, license, keys, or a little cash so she knows exactly where these essential items are when she needs them.

Accesories brooches handbags and straps

Angela Nuran Brooches

Our jeweled brooches are functional buckles that tighten or widen the shoe vamps like a belt. Since our brooches are switchable, any shoe style can be ordered with any brooch. If you have us dye your shoes after the wedding, wouldn’t it be fun to have several brooches to change the look of your shoes to match different outfits?

Bentley Brooch Display

Just make sure the brooch buckles are properly fastened if you switch or adjust them. The hook should go completely through the leather liner. Watch the video on our FAQ page if you need help.

Antique Blue Brooch
Astoria Gold Brooch
Astoria Silver Brooch
Lamour Brooch
Tribeca Brooch
Antique Gold Brooch
Astoria Jet Brooch
Deco Brooch
Marquesa Brooch
Vintage Brooch
Antique Silver Brooch
Astoria Rose Gold Brooch
Deco Original Brooch
Starletta Brooch
Brooch Fastener


Straps help keep shoes on your feet. Sexy ankle straps reduce heels slipping in the back. Cruzada straps provide maximum support, holding shoes very snugly on feet which dancers love. Romantic ribbons can be worn like cruzadas, tied in a bow, or looped on a slingback and wrapped around the ankle to keep the sling from slipping down. Walk out of pumps? Try the instep strap. T-straps can be put on any style that has a brooch vamp and ankle strap. Especially awesome when glitzed. Ankle strap extenders add length for a too short ankle strap.

Angela Nuran Clutches

Dyeable off white silk minaudières measure 7.75” x 3.75” x 2.5” and include detachable chain handle, crystal feet, and Starletta charm on zippered center pocket.

Juliet has a chic, smooth exterior. Available in silver or gold frame with bar clasp. Hedy has decorative ruching. Comes in silver frame with choice of bar clasp or crystal clasp. Adding decorative brooch is optional.