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  • How to hook buckles when adjusting width

  • How to change toe buckles

  • How to use dancer hooks on ankle straps; how to use optional Starletta laces

  • How to attach Primrose flower


How do I clean shoes?

We cannot guarantee results since we don't know what's on your shoes. For dirt or grass, brush off as much dry soil as possible. Use delicate fabric detergent on a damp white cloth, cotton pad or Q-tip and gently rub soiled area going with the fabric grain. Repeat if needed. To avoid fabric damage, don't rub hard or for too long. Feather dampness out from stained area to minimize water spotting on the silk. Air dry or blow dry. If badly stained, it may not be possible to fully remove stains. We also recommend dry cleaning fluid. If in doubt, take shoes to your local dry cleaner.
NOTE: Any attempt to clean dyed shoes using water will ruin the dye.

How do I order shoes?

Please contact any authorized retailer. We are wholesale only.

How do I order buckles and trims?

Buckles and trims can be purchased from an authorized retailer.

How do I get my shoes dyed?

Give a color swatch to your retailer to send to us with your special order. Or mail the color swatch to us and we will dye your shoes upon receipt of your swatch and your salon's purchase order. If no custom match is required, select from our standard colors. If you already have your shoes, email us at to receive a Dye Authorization Form. Include this form with your shoes and payment. Shipping instructions are on the Dye Authorization Form. Please note our dye charges are the same as salon price.

How do I get my shoes Glitzed?

Glitz customization can be special ordered on your shoes through your retailer.

How do retailers obtain images to post on a website?

Contact us for access to our Dropbox.