Angela Nuran Shoes

Women shouldn’t sacrifice style for comfort, or comfort for style. The Angela Nuran shoes collection is designed with the best of both. A woman wearing our exquisite quality shoes can expect greater comfort, superior fit, timeless style and delightful versatility that will fulfill her dream for the perfect shoe.

To enhance comfort, multiple layers of padding lie beneath her feet. Ultrasuede insoles gently caress her skin. Kidskin leather lines the interior while soft suede quietly sweeps the floor as she walks or dances. Sparkling brooch buckles allow her to tighten or loosen the vamp and straps as she pleases. Strap options give our lady even better fit. For extra support and stability, cruzada straps. For narrow heels, ankle straps. For wider ankles, strap extenders discreetly add length. For retro style, T-straps. These features give women comfort, fit and a fashionable flair!

With a variety of heel heights from flat to sky high, every woman can find an Angela Nuran style to suit her. Our customization can convert her choice into the perfect shoe to complement her ensemble. Sizes 4 through 12 are in stock, just waiting to slip on a lovely lady’s feet.

Click here to see the difference between Angela Nuran and regular dance shoes.

A good quality ballroom shoe is great for the sole purpose of dancing. A cheap pair of ballroom shoes is money thrown away. Neither are ideal for the Angela Nuran customer for the following reasons.

1. The footbed of ballroom shoes is so flexible it can collapse in your hands. This extremely flexible sole allows dancers to fully extend and point their toes. Women who have not developed the ankle strength or core strength to balance on heels with so little support and structure within the footbed will have a difficult time in a ballroom shoe, wobbling when they walk, and possibly twisting their ankle in a higher heel. Angela Nuran shoes feel extraordinarily stable and well balanced but still offer more ball of the foot flexibility than most street shoes

2. The footbed of ballroom shoes is cut short so toes hang over the end allowing dancers to feel the floor. This is not attractive. Non-dancers feel like a ballroom shoe in their size is too small, but going to a larger size only results in too much space behind the heel thus an ill fitting shoe. Angela Nuran shoes are cut to fashion shoe size.

3. Ballroom shoe uppers are either leather, vinyl, poly satin or some other textile unsuitable to complement a silk wedding dress or designer evening gown. Angela Nuran shoes are hand made with luxurious pure silk uppers. The natural off white / light ivory color is perfect for most wedding dresses, or the shoes can be meticulously dyed in our atelier to match any color. After the wedding, brides can send them to us to be dyed for future wear.

4. Ballroom shoes rarely offer styling that appeals to young brides or to the fashion sensibilities of sophisticated women. Angela Nuran shoes are timeless classics offering nearly unlimited customization options to make any shoe a one-of-a-kind creation for a special lady.

5. Ballroom shoes are expected to take abuse on the dance floor, thus no great effort is put into the materials and adornments used. Angela Nuran shoes are made of fine silk, kidskin leather lining, unsurpassed comfort padding, buttery soft suede soles, and sparkling crystal jewelry trims all of which combined yields a gorgeous quality shoe that withstands multiple wearings, earning its purchase price.

Angela Nuran shoes are the perfect choice for any woman who wants high quality, comfortable, timelessly beautiful footwear which will give her hours more comfort than fashion shoes and offers her the additional benefit of genuine suede soles making these the perfect shoes for social dancing at any special occasion.