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Welcome to our “How To & FAQ” page. Below in our FAQ section are answers to our most frequently asked questions. Scroll even further down to watch our “How To” videos. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

How do I select the right style?

Every style was designed to serve a need. Read suggested usage on each style’s page. If you never wear high heels, your wedding isn’t the day to start. The higher a heel, the more weight transfers to the ball of foot. Platforms diminish the foot’s pitch so heels feel lower. Gown alterations depend on your shoes. Get heels you can wear all day. You’ll trip on your dress if you change to flats later.

Most women can wear a higher Angela Nuran heel than other brands, but though our shoes are vastly more comfy, they’re not magic. Opt for the style most likely to serve your needs.

How do I order shoes?

Please contact any authorized dealer on our Retailers page. If there is no retailer in your area, ask your local salon to place the shoe order for you. Or order through one of our Flagship Online Retailers. Clearance shoes can be ordered directly from the On Sale! page or our website.

Can I wear suede soles outside?

Yes, but if you step in water, suede soles absorb moisture. They should be fine when they dry. A soaked suede sole may lift. This is a simple fix by any good cobbler.

How do I get my shoes dyed?

If you don’t have your shoes or handbag yet, give your retailer a color swatch which they will send to us with your order. If no custom match is required, choose from our standard colors. Retailers have our color chart swatches or view them online in our Dye Gallery. If you have your shoes, send them to us with our Dye Request and payment. Kindly note, we cannot color match from digital images.

How do I get my shoes Glitzed, adorned or personalized?

Customization can be special ordered through your retailer. If you already have your shoes, send them to us with our Glitz Request and payment.

How do I order accessories?

Brooches, ankle buckles, straps and charms can be purchased from an authorized retailer, ordered from a Flagship Online Retailer or email your specific request to us.

How do I clean shoes?

Download our Dye Request and select the option for cleaning only.

How do I measure heels?

We measure heels at the highest elevation. Approximate heel height for each style is specified on each product page. Actual heel height may vary 1/8 inch more or less depending on shoe size because heels are proportioned for shoe size. See our Heel Measurement Graph below for clarification.

Heel Measurement Graph | Angela Nuran Shoes

How do retailers obtain Angela Nuran images?

Visit our SmugMug galleries to download what you need.

Ashley slides into a beautiful Angela Nuran Shoe

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