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Dye, Glitz and Customization

Angela Nuran Standard Dye ColorsWe are exceptionally good at dyeing our own shoes, however please note the following:

Dyed and Glitz shoes are done entirely by hand. Realize hand work is an art that will never be flawless.

Silk is a natural fiber that may absorb color with slight variation in tone.

Dye is mixed to match supplied swatches as closely as possible. Realize exact match may not happen since our shoes and your gown are not identical fabrics nor were they dyed simultaneously from same dye lot.

Color variance will occur from changes in lighting. Realize this is beyond our control.

Dyed shoes are not waterproof. Topical spray will not prevent dye bleed. Realize water can severely damage dyed shoes so do not get them wet. We do not dye Starletta ribbons. Matching satin ribbon can be bought at a fabric or craft store and cut into 44 inch lengths. Apply Fray Check or clear nail ­polish on the cut edges.

Dyed, Glitz and other custom shoes are final sale! Please try on shoes first to confirm size before ordering custom work.

Click here to view Angela Nuran Standard Dye Colors.

We cannot guarantee any modifications to our shoes if done by outside vendors. Please trust us to make your shoes as beautiful as our high standards demand.