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One of our greatest joys at Angela Nuran’s Atelier is creating special shoes for customers who give us that opportunity. With all the beautiful shoes available in the footwear market, we appreciate each individual who chooses ours.

Maintaining classic styles rather than chasing fashion trends allows us to serve a variety of tastes. A bride of understated elegance can order her preferred style in our luxurious off white silk with a jeweled brooch to complement her look. A mother seeking to match her dress, or a bride wanting a pop of color can trust our meticulous dye specialists.

For ultimate glamour, stunning Glitz designs can bling up all styles. Only Swarovski® crystals are used, the best of course! Perhaps a lovely adornment is desired instead? Even a snazzy strap can dramatically alter a style.

Kindly note, we cannot assume responsibility for any modifications to our products if handled outside our atelier. Whatever special touch is envisioned, thank you for entrusting us to give custom shoes the quality they deserve.

Angela Nuran Co. supports numerous animal charities, including Best Friends Animal Society. Rescue rabbits Bun Bun and Dottie are the official moral officers at Angela Nuran’s Boca Raton facility. Warning to visitors: don’t leave anything valuable on the floor because they’ll eat it.

Bunny certified means your customization was done especially for you

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