About Us

Angela Nuran

Owner / Designer

As an instructor for Fred Astaire Dance Studio, Angela Nuran saw that brides and grooms needed specific help to get through the first dance. She founded her wedding dance company in 1996 using her artistic and graphic skills in an unusually effective way, teaching newlyweds “A Dance To Remember” that thrilled everyone. She designed a dance routine script for each couple’s song making it faster and easier than typical dance lessons.

Angela’s students invited her to their weddings, and at the receptions, she saw brides take off their shoes. Whether clearance or couture, gals were in pain. Angela noticed without the height of shoes, gowns were too long so brides tripped over them. Barefoot brides were cut by broken glass. A woman dressed in the most expensive gown she will ever wear should not have bare feet. Again Angela saw that brides needed specific help to get through the most important day of their life … They needed comfortable shoes! She started in the shoe business by selling pre-existing white ballroom shoes, but unlike experienced dancers, some brides couldn’t balance in the ultra flexible footwear. Women weren’t happy with the shorter length of dance shoes since toes hang over, nor were the few styles available very fashionable.

So Angela created her own brand of hybrid shoes by combining the fashion a bride wants with the comfort and construction a dancer needs. Angela Nuran shoes are couture quality, and ingeniously designed to fit multiple widths via adjustable brooches at the vamp. Classic styles in varied heel heights serve most women. Brides can customize their shoes by choosing their brooch, optional straps, dyeing, Glitzing, adding adornment or personal inscription to acquire their perfect wedding shoe. This is the vision of Angela Nuran.

Angela Nuran Owner / Designer

Meet the Team

Ashley Szpilka

Account Executive
Ashley started part-time in 2009, then trained under Angela in shoe dyeing to become our dye master. In 2013, she resigned as manager of a bridal salon to manage Angela Nuran Shoes. Ashley’s experience in couture bridal and formerly as a Nordstrom shoe department manager gives her first hand insight into the needs of our retailers as well as their customers.

Betty Poole

Production Manager
Betty came to us in 2011. Her experience in jewelry design quickly lead her to become our Glitz specialist. Her skill at applying each Swarovski® crystal by hand to produce our Glitz designs is outstanding. Betty also dyes shoes and manages the workflow in the production room.

Paul Cosentino

Operations Director
Paul handles multiple office issues including IT, website coordination, bookkeeping, payroll, projections and business mentoring. He retired in 1995 from his own very successful Chicago-based business and now faces his most demanding position: he’s Angela’s husband.

Bun Bun

Senior Morale Officer
Bun Bun keeps us all together while she tears the place apart. She chews everything, so if you don’t see a credit on your statement, take it up with the rabbit. She probably ate your Return Authorization.


Bun Bun was rescued from a parking lot.


Junior Morale Officer
Dottie is our office therapist. When the going gets tough, we go to Dottie. This adorable, sweet girl wiggles her little pink nose and gives a million warm bunny kisses, and the problem hops away.


Dottie was rescued from a different parking lot four years after Bun Bun.


Superstar Shoe Model
Bentley is Angela’s Persian Chinchilla Dollface Teacup. He photo bombed many pictures during the photo shoot and stole the show. Bentley does not work at the office. Paw print photos available upon request.


Bentley shares Angela & Paul’s home with his rescue cat siblings, Petey and Sammie Bear.